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Crazy Awesome Journey

Wow, it's been a great couple of months! The Utah launch went fabulously, and the Texas launch was incredible, and despite a total downpour that was flooding streets and made driving insane, we still had a lot of people show up! Thank you everyone for your support! AQUA is showing up in bookstores all over now, and it's a dream come true! Now I'm writing my fingerprints off to get the sequel onto paper. It's such an interesting journey going from being a writer to being an author. Writers are, in general, and in my opinion, solitary people. How else could you spend hours alone in front of a blank computer screen trying to describe a world that only exists in your brain? Why would you have a world living in your brain at all if you didn't spend a lot of time alone living in it? But once you've captured that world and put it in a book, people want to visit it, and talk to you about it and suddenly you can't be quite as solitary anymore. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just an interesting part of the journey. I really enjoy people, and I love talking to readers! It's cool and surprising that people are enjoying my book. I love it that I can share a little bit of the underwater world I've been living in with others, and to hear they care about the characters that I've grown to know so well makes me very happy!

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