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Enter the world of AQUA...

Eighteen year old Marin is determined to prove to the world and to herself that she can overcome her extreme phobia of water and lead a normal life. When she enrolls in a summer internship at a marine research facility in California, her nightmares of drowning suddenly become a reality. During a freak accident, she discovers a secret about herself that could be the key to unlocking her past, but forces her to choose between two worlds and two hearts, and starts a chain of events that could destroy everything and everyone she loves.

"Aqua is a very compelling read. Loved it cover to cover. I can't wait for the sequel!"

~Jennifer M.


"Aqua engages right away and keeps you guessing right up to the end!"

~Debra T. 

Walters has done it again!

“Aftershock”, book two in The Arydian Chronicles, doesn't disappoint. Intense action, conspiracy, romance, and an aquatic related world so unbelievably awesome you'll never look at the ocean the same way again!"

           -K.A. Parkinson, bestselling author of The Chosen Chronicles


Dive into ABYSS

Kidnapping Marin and unleashing a lethal chemical weapon in Hawaii is just the beginning for Hahn. With his limitless resources, thirst for power and the secret of Marin’s healing blood at his fingertips, he is ready to force the world to submit to his domination. In a race against time, the Arydians must divide forces to keep Hahn from detonating his deadly mutagen, while rivals Marcos and Jaycen team up to rescue Marin from the clutches of their enemy.

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