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What if you learned the thing you feared most was actually your superpower? 


Follow Marin's heart-pounding journey as she is trapped in a dive accident where she learns a terrifying truth about herself and where she comes from. While evading the military and the evil crime ring, Leviathan, she must fight against an enemy that will do anything to capture her and exploit her secrets. With a choice between two worlds, and the two men who love her, Marin must navigate a dangerous path that could lead to the destruction of everything she loves.


Jaycen's world is turned upside down after a devastating earthquake hits Southern California. He forced to leave behind the girl he loves to rescue his mother from the destruction. Hunted by both the government and gangs due to his connection to the Arydians. Jaycen must find his mom before they catch him and steal the secret hidden within his blood.

Criminal mastermind Dr. Hahn has become unstoppable now that he has a prisoner capable of healing him of any injury. The Arydians must race against time to stop him from unleashing his deadly mutagen across the globe and forcing the world to its knees. Bitter rivals, Marcos and Jaycen, join forces while Marin launches her own battle within Hahn's lair in a finale that will leave you breathless. Don't miss the thrilling conclusion to this epic series!
The Garage Sale Guidebook (12_edited.jpg
The Garage Sale Guidebook
A fun and easy guide to getting what you want through thrifting at garage sales, with practical advice and tips that will help you have fun while saving money buying the things you want!
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