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The odd life of writing

I'm knee deep in writing the sequel to AQUA. The working title is AURA and its coming along I am really weird when I'm in writing mode. Like I forget to do important things-like eat, let the chickens out, brush my teeth or pick up kids. I hate going to the store, really hate unpacking groceries, and forget doing laundry! I never return calls, even to people I like. Sometimes especially calls to people I like, because then I have to talk. I don't ever want to answer the phone. Maybe all writers are weird like this. My husband says I'm "deadline-ey" with a smile on his face and kindly refrains from saying anything about the fact that I look like I barely survived a zombie Apocalypse. So that's when I'm really writing and getting stuff on paper. When I'm stuck, I'm the exact opposite. I call it diversion mode. I'll do anything to keep from writing. I'll sit down to write, stare at my manuscript for a while then suddenly remember I need to clean out the closets. Seriously, that should be a big heads up I'm in diversion mode. Like I EVER do that voluntarily! I've caught myself going through papers, shopping for hours, making gourmet meals, combing the cat, even taking down Halloween decorations-before Halloween-just to keep from writing. And when I catch myself, I sigh and go back to staring at the blank computer screen. Ugh. Sometimes I think being a writer is a mental illness.

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