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The End is Near!


I think I've gotten all my loose ends tied up and everyone where they are supposed to be by the end of this next book! I really have struggled with understanding WHY writing this book has been so difficult!

Finally, it occurred to me; writing the second book in a trilogy is like building a bridge where one side is already set in stone and the angle, direction, design and materials are completely unchangeable... and and the other side is so obscured by reeds and marsh and trees that you don't even know where it will end. And there are crocodiles waiting to eat your face if you lose your footing and fall.

Ok, no crocodiles.

But editors. And publishers. And loving and patient fans. Maybe not that scary, but still...

Exciting, to say the least. So today, I rejoice as I stand on a mostly completed middle of this bridge, knowing that at least the framework of the other side is in place and somewhat stable. So no crocodiles will eat my face today!! WOOT! Get ready to dive into another adventure!!!!

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