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Did you kill anyone today?

You know you're a writer when your kids ask you stuff like this when they get home from school. I guess there are other lines of work that could generate a question like this-axe murderer; cigarette salesman; Mcdonald's cook-just to name a few off the top of my head, but that's nowhere near as fun to think about.

I've had some interesting answers to that question over the last few months as I'm writing my new action adventure sequel, AFTERSHOCK.

"Did you kill anyone today, Mom?" "No, I almost did, but they got better,"or "Yes, but you don't know who it is yet," or "Don't worry, it was a red shirt." (ask a Trekkie)

Some answers make me sound fairly qualified in fields I know little about, which is really amusing, like "No, but I did operate on someone today. I didn't use anesthesia, but I'm pretty sure they'll be fine." That was a fun day.

Truthfully, I do have a secret ambition to own a shirt that says, "I've killed more people than Michael Bay", but it's not like I really enjoy killing characters. It's just as a writer, especially in an action/adventure drama, the fight between life and death is a big driving factor. And if nobody ever died, the story would feel fake. Plus, there's something about striving and sacrificing for something more important to you than your own life that I find deeply moving. Its that special something that makes policemen and firemen and soldiers willing to put their life on the line for the safety of others that I honestly find noble and fascinating.

Besides, its much safer to work out your aggressions in a book than, say, taking a job at Mcdonald's.

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